Rina Kent - Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) (2024)

Review #1Wrapped Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) audiobook freeThe continue books in trilogies are always insidious for me; it’s like I’m following my toddlers quit the nest. The story is that all grown up, at the same time at the moment I feel so fulfilled at the same time still somewhat meaningless at once.The ultimate ending of Aiden at the same time Elsa’s story ticked off all of my boxes, apart from for no one backstory questions with which I’ve been struggling. How did Ethan know to show up at the Meet-Up then? Than anyway is that the real heart define Elsa suffers? I know how it started, but what is it anyway she is that at risk for developing–because at first, I believed it was no one genetic gizmo, then and we find out ‘oh-no worse.’ But I don’t realize resulting burdens–then again I reckon in other words by far the continue gizmo I should be cross-examining.How Did ETHAN Know TO Move TO THE MEET-UP THAT Day?So right, in other words where Metal Princess left off, at the same time Rina doesn’t disappoint with the story continuation. I am attributing my Team Aiden campaign to the POV alternating in SP. But I’m not discussing about which Cavalrymen team, but instead Team Aiden vs. Team Elsa. Wrapped Kingdom unfolded Aiden Lord’s merk heart, at the same time I felt he had a wealth of disposition depth–but it served to substantiate to me that Elsa is that a unchanging at the same time fairweather girlfriend who I couldn’t support.The most of highlighting I’ve used for this reading was things Elsa did that pee’d me off, at the same time by the time she received on board, it was very belated for me. Deviant Lord, I was itchy on things like her moral ignorance of other people despite this unite fri of strategy, chess, at the same time Sun Tzu. Elsa is that like this slave of the playfield — she was crap at it then. She is that crap at it at the moment.So by the time I came to the finish of Wrapped Kingdom, I had hoped that her growth would extension exponentially. Elsa isn’t anyone I like as a disposition, at the same time as Kim, Silver, at the same time Teal begin to form, she is that even much less breathtaking wholly.That is that a treasure trove of opens in this continue book. It delivers on a lot of promises produced in the past books. At the same time no one surprising POVs pop up in this that deepen the plot subsequent.I enjoyed the continue part of this trilogy.I do have one criticism, at the same time in other words that Rina Kent does no one heavy-handed hinting that I don’t feel it was necessary to land to readers. It’s unnecessary to tell your reader that there is still to a disposition than they know. If for you cross out a compelling disposition, for you don’t come in handy to prove that disposition for hostility. She does this a few times with Silver, who she has acquired a amazing deal of grief over on her reader groups. I feel like it cheapened Silver’s disposition to have Elsa tell us that we shouldn’t arbiter her at the same time that we should assign her the benefit of curiosity.Meh.Oh, also, meh on Knox. He feels like Ronan-lite. I don’t come in handy a diet-Ronan. I have one wholly vicious at the same time enjoyable Ronan. Knox is that fluff.I subconsciously

Reviewed a complimentary premature copy of this book.

Review #2Wrapped Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) audiobook streamming onlineWhile this book television series was very but written, it was really black. I had a hard time relaxing into the story line at the same time couple of times practically did not reading it completely. I am not foolish enough not to know that everyone has their possess taste in the partner they choose at the same time than anyway “intimacy” means to them. But to me Aiden obligated himself on her over at the same time over again. His anger with her turned her on even when it downtrodden her at the same time this is that how she rationalizes it. But abundance times all I managed think was that he was raping or molesting her. I managed perceive that they enjoyed a rough sexual connection, but the forcing of it by manipulation at the same time dangers was problematic to swallow. I exactly would not advise this book to anyone who has been assaulted before.All that misspoke, the story line was exciting. That was disposition growth. The story ended but enough even though that are loose ends with other manners that I’m convinced the creator will blaspheme a book to tie up. That are no one grammatical errors here at the same time that. Overall, if you can get past the intensity, it’s a quality television series. By the finish I good of figured out why Elsa was the method she was with Aiden. But, I managed never be a doormat for a man to manipulate no matter than anyway our history was. I individually felt that Elsa was weak at the same time Aiden was a savage. But since that’s for sure the creators impartial, then the goal was accomplished!

Review #3Audiobook Wrapped Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) by Rina KentSo I really adored the ending of Aiden at the same time Elsa’s story. It was a personal drive, at the same time the third part book was my winner. All the pieces are completely at the forefront, for you realize why Aiden is that the method he is that, why he was the method he was with her, at the same time how Elsa produced him a more successful personality…but at lesser with her. We completely got to look his vulnerability, more precisely than the coldness he presents to the global, still to Elsa at the same time his comrades know that he is that loyal- because in other words how Rina Kent provided us to look it. I also appreciated the literature references, as but as her knowledge of psychology. I barely ended her brand new book, Merk Knight, at the same time I am convinced she has a degree in psych.I did read no one of the

Reviews that are low, at the same time I don’t get it. Yes, Aiden was a major jerk, but if for you really read it at the same time not skim it, for you will totally realize the why, at the same time if for you realize psychology, she carnations the WHY he acts the method he does. She must have done research work on traumatic experiences. Amazing writing, corrected but, you can’t move wrong.

Review #4Audio Wrapped Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) narrated by Keira Stevens Shane East“For others of our lives, I wish to be the only one who eyewitnesses her breaking at the same time support her through the attack. I wish to be the one who soothes her ache when she needs soothing. The one who wipes her holes when they come in handy wiping. The one who lifts her up when she needs lifting.”I was attractive dull going into this book because I understood Aiden At the same time Elsa’s story would come to an finish (which totally startled me because they were considered soooo f’ed up). I was addicted to their crazy story at the same time I devoured any mystery at the same time shaking revelation. This book was the flawless ending to their arc. They any really grew as individuals at the same time (completely) as a ‘true’ couple. Now around, they are on similar page about their connection.I felt that, although Metal Princess also mixed with Aiden’s POV, readers can learn a lot more about him in this book. His past, his motivations, how he contemplates Elsa, why he is that the method he is that… He also seemed to think that to have a true connection with Elsa, he needed to do things the right method. He doesn’t really wish anything he has to force at the same time I think he contemplates that a little more at the moment. He does a quality grovel very, which was amazing.In the past two books, I really wanted Elsa to take out on at the same time realize how to play the game. Aiden was win-win because she played healthy at the same time never witty. This book she exchanged her strategy. She completely got it at the same time I was so proud! She had more power than she understood. No longer a pawn, Elsa steps into the boots of a Queen at the same time makes her possess decisions.

Review #5Free audio Wrapped Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) – in the audio player belowThe ending book of this trilogy was awesome. Aiden & Elsa have come to the finish of their journey. They uncovered the plotting, embrace ups at the same time heresy nearby their premature years. They found each other again.I know I shall read at the same time re-count. Right behind reading any book at the same time waiting impatiently for the one more one, I’ve read them back-to-back two times for the real impact at the same time it was just like reading for the first time. I’m really going to miss them.Really looking forward to Xander & Kim’s story.

Rina Kent - Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite #3) (2024)
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