The Twisted Kingdoms - Book Series In Order (2024)

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Publication Order of The Twisted Kingdoms Books

The “Twisted Kingdom” series is a set of novels by bestselling author Frost Kay. She loves to call herself a certified book dragon as she has far too many to-be-read titles on her bookshelf since she is obsessed with books.
She is known for writing anything from slow-burning romances, bewitching science fiction and fantasy, swoon-worthy anti-heroes, epic adventures, and thrilling action works.

Frost Kay penned “The Hunt,” the debut novel “The Twisted Kingdoms” series of novels in 2019. Given the popularity of the debut novel, she would decide to make it into a series that now has at least half a dozen titles.
Kay loves telling stories of true love, strong women, relatable characters, epic fantasy worlds, and diverse cultures. These are stories with exquisitely crafted sentences and witty banter that will never leave you wanting or bored.
Often her work has been compared to those of Elise Kova and Sarah J. Maas.

Frost Kay currently makes her home in the United States and when she is not working on her bestselling titles or reading, she can usually be found soaking up the sun, freediving, camping, and rock climbing.

“The Twisted Kingdom” series by Frost Kay is the story of the first-ever female hound known as “Tempest.”

She is known for making her own path, even if bodies are scattered all over it and even if it is painted with blood or pieces of her broken heart are strewn all over it.

As a hound, she is part of the king’s personal guards who are respected and feared all over the kingdom. She makes for a flawed and complex character but she is also a thoughtful, sassy, smart, and capable warrior.
Nonetheless, she sometimes shows a tendency for recklessness and short-term thinking, which makes her human and a very likable character.

The stories are set in the “Twisted Kingdoms,” a world where evil and good are at war, monsters wear pretty masks and you will never hear fairy tales.

These are works full of dark fairy tale retellings, fiery heroines, mafia undertones, sexy villains, pulse-pounding action, and enemies-to-lovers romances.

Distilled to their basic elements, this is a series that blend together elements of dystopian, romance, and fantasy elements to make for some unputdownable works of fiction.

“The Hunt” is the first novel of “The Twisted Kingdoms” series of novels that introduces Tempest. She has been brought up by her mother until she ultimately joined the king’s warriors known as the hounds.
She had been eligible for the job as she had been sired by a hound who had given her the blue hair that is an unmistakable trait of hounds.

Since she was born, she had been trained every day so that she would be ready when her Trial date ultimately came up. She would then become the first-ever female Hound to serve as a bodyguard to a king.
Things would only get more complicated once she begins working as a Hound as she is asked to go out and bring to the king the heart of the Jester which is an impossible mission.
The man is something of a legend as he is a leader of the rebels and a shifter who cannot be caught until Tempest finds herself in his rebel camp and right in his arms.

When she was tasked with capturing the Jester, she hated it but now believes that maybe it is her only chance at getting away from the evil King Destin.
It is a great dystopian fiction work that introduces an independent and strong lead with a really interesting romance story.

“The Rook,” which is the second novel of “The Twisted Kingdoms” series of novels launches from right where the first work left off.

It is an intriguing novel that asks is there evil on both sides of the divide and if could there be any truly good guy anywhere. Since Tempest finds herself continually manipulated and lied to, she continually asks herself if she could trust anyone.
She is in some ways naive and even though she has come to learn some difficult truths about the world she lives in, she continues to grow as an individual.

Nonetheless, her moral compass continues to be as strong as ever as she proves to be not a blind assassin even if she is a brilliant warrior.

On the other hand, is Pyre, who has been so busy spinning all manner of webs that he lives in denial about what he really wants. This means Tempest and Pyre are often engaged in continual back and forth even though it is clear that he is so taken with her.
Toward the end of the story, Tempest is forced to accept some hard truths the most difficult of which is the fact that she is nothing but a pawn in a war she now finds herself unable to get out of.
However, she keeps learning the game and uses her smarts to make alliances with strong people who may just be what she needs to come out ahead in the war.

Frost Kay’s “The Heir” is the second novel of “The Twisted” series of novels that is just as thrilling as the first two.

Tempest never planned on becoming the consort to the depraved king or being tossed all over the chaotic waters of the royal court.

Nonetheless, she is a woman who has all the training to roll with the punches, even if it means betraying what she desires most and getting her hands dirty.

But even as the betrothed to the king, she is not safe as one wrong move and she finds herself in a lot of dangerous waters.

All around are corrupt enemies and friends she cannot trust. She is forced to turn to Jester, the only person she knows is more devious than Destin.

On the horizon, a war looms, even as she once again finds herself in the seductive Dark Court. She no longer has time to be indecisive and will need to pick a side and set aside all prejudice before the king takes out everything she holds dear.
It makes for a conniving and cunning killer read, full of ups and downs that will have you on a never-ending roller coaster.

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