Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite, #3) (2024)

This was definitely THE BEST BOOK in their trilogy. Everything was TOP TIER. Aiden and Elsa. Ronan and Teal. Xander, Kim, Cole, Silver, Knox, the rivalry and alliance between Johnathan and Ethan, Elsa’s aunt and uncle. I f*cking loved the ending. How attentive Aiden was about Elsa’s health. He was like an overbearing mother that wouldn’t let anyone touch Elsa. I LOVED IT. And the ending set up the next book for Xander and Kimmy and I CAN’T WAIT.

I loved everything about them. How Aiden not once gave up on Elsa, even though she kept pushing him away every two seconds. Her stubbornness pissed me off a bit because she wanted him then pushed away and it happened over and over again. But finally, she completely gave in to him once her memories started to slowly come back. And the past scenes with Aiden and Elsa are so sad and cute 😭😭😭. It broke my heart because of the situation they were in, but it made me so happy because they were each other's light even back then. And we learned the truth behind Aiden’s past and his scars. And the way it brought them closer than ever, it was like the last puzzle piece was put into place. They are exactly what the other person needs. And then the bucket of Maltesers was so cute, I wanted to cry. They kept their promise, all of them😭😭

We even got to see a little bit of the real Silver. Like when she told Elsa the whole truth about the engagement. And how she told the truth about how Elsa got into the pool at the end of book 1. And then, we got to see the dynamic of Cole and Silver, and how possessive he is of her.

Ronan and Teal finally met and I’m LIVING for it. Any interaction they had, I LOVED it. It was definitely golden retriever and black cat energy. I can’t wait until their book to see their dynamic. And we might have seen Teal agreeing to do something to her father, and I have a feeling it has to do with Ronan.

*prepare for like 5,000 quotes*
Favorite quotes/scenes:

“Being away from her for an entire day is messing with my senses. I’m on a f*cking withdrawal and it’s irritating and pissing me off. I can only return to normal when Elsa’s beside me where she belongs.”

Bonsoir, ma belle. This means we’ll be seeing a lot of you.” (Ronan)
“Not really.” (Teal)
“Yeah. We live in Birmingham.” (Elsa)
“No. I might die if I don’t see you again.” (Ronan)
“Then die.” (Teal)

“Hey, Grey Eyes.”
“When I grow up, I’m gonna buy you a bucket of Maltesers.”
“Because Dad says you have to buy gifts for the one you marry.”
“Yup! When I grow up, I’m going to marry you.”
“You can’t marry me.”
“Why not?”
“Mum says you have to love someone to marry them.”
“Then you can just love me. What’s so hard about that?”

“Her laughter is like the sunshine after a rainy day. It’s the sun peeking through the cloudy sky. As I watch her, I realise I want to see her laugh all the time. Maybe she’s right. Maybe after we grow up, she needs to stay close so I can see her laugh this way every day. She has the most beautiful laughter I’ve ever seen.”

“Promise you’ll marry me.” (Elsa )
“I promise.” (Aiden)

“There’s no one before Elsa and no one after her. She’s a constant, and soon everyone will know that. Elsa f*cking included.”

“Wait! Cake bunny hookers! Ellie would f*cking love them. Am I right or am I right?” (Ronan)
“You’re never right, Astor.” (Aiden)
“And stop inserting cake bunny hookers in every idea.” (Nash)
Fais chier, connards. Someone needs to acknowledge my fantasies or I’m cutting a bitch.” (Ronan)

“I watch her closely. The slight twitch in her nose as she laughs. The few stray strands that fly all over her face. The flushed skin due to running. The rosy lips. She’s so f*cking beautiful.”

“Ellie. Are they really aliens? Do they do weird twin alien sh*t at home? Do I have to save you? I have my white horse waiting just outside.” (Ronan)

“For a moment, he’s the most important person in the world. I want to engrave myself under his skin so nothing can separate us again. I want to be one with him. The thought of living apart destroys me like nothing else. The thought is torture like being held underwater. I’ve been drowning and I’m finally coming up for air.”

“There hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about you. Every time I manage to sleep, I dream of you. You were my obsession since we were kids, but now it’s way f*cking worse. I don’t know how I managed to spend eight years without you in my life when now I suffocate if I don’t see you for hours.”
“Choose me, Elsa. Choose us.”

“Being with Aiden is like going through a roller coaster ride in a dark tunnel. There are ups and downs. There’s black and danger. But most of all, there’s excitement and the euphoric feeling of being alive. I’m alive. With Aiden, I never stopped feeling alive.”

“Don’t cry.”
“I can’t stop.”
“I don’t like it when you cry.”
“Because it hurts me when you’re hurt.”
“M-me, too. That’s why I’m crying. I don’t want you hurt.”
“I’m going to be okay, Elsa.”
“Promise? P-promise?”
“I can’t.”
“But why? Does it hurt too much? I’m going to kiss it better. Daddy says it heals when you kiss it.”
He smiles.

“Say it. I need to hear it.”
“Say what?”
“That you miss me.”
“I miss you.”

Knight: So King is no more, huh?
Nash: Looks like it.
Astor: f*ck yeah. My threesome dream will come true.
Astor: On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think I can convince Kimmy and Ellie to wear bunny outfits?
Nash: Elsa, 0. Kimberly, 6. If drunk, 9.
Astor: I better get Kimmy drunk then *grinning face*
Knight: Do you want to die?

“He’s been a constant in my life since the beginning of the year, and now that he’s gone, it’s pure torture.”

“I want to marry someone I love. Someone who flips my world upside down by just being there. Someone like Aiden.”

“I’ve been imagining the look on King’s face when he finds out you’re my fiancé. You think I’ll be able to catch his expression on camera before he chops my head off with an axe?”
“Probably not.”
“I’ll ask Knight or Nash to film it, then. I’m leaving a legacy behind. Oh, and a fortune. You’ll be one of those lethally rich widows who dresses in black and has three black cats.” “You’re such a twat.”
“See? Marrying me won’t be so bad. We’ll have so much fun.”

“While I was on the other end of the world, thinking about ways to come back to you sooner, you were thinking about your engagement.”
“I was thinking about you, dickhe*d! I was thinking about how my life is an empty shell without you in it. I was re-reading your texts in class because I couldn’t stop missing you. I had to run in the rain like a lunatic because of thinking about you. So don’t sit here telling me that you’re an afterthought, Aiden. If you were, I wouldn’t be in so much pain right now.”

“I’m addicted to you. I’m obsessed with you. I’m mad about you.”

“For the rest of our lives, I want to be the only one who witnesses her breaking and support her through the storm. I want to be the one who soothes her ache when she needs soothing. The one who wipes her tears when they need wiping. The one who lifts her up when she needs lifting. I want to be there for her, full stop.”

“Maybe there’ll come a day where I don’t need her as much as I need air. There will come a day when I wake up in the morning and the first thought won’t be about her. Though, I doubt it. That day will only come with death.”

“Say it, Elsa.”
“I love you, Aiden. No matter what.”
“No matter what, huh?”
“Yes, dickhe*d. No matter what.”

“I’m glad I met you back then. You were my light in the darkness.”

“I was always the shadow to her darkest desires and I thought I was fine with that. Turns out, I’m a selfish bastard who wants it all. Both her light and her darkness. Her best and her worst. Her everything.”

“What I feel for you isn’t only love, obsession, or addiction. It’s all of those and more. Do you know what that means, sweetheart? It means I can’t live without you, so don’t you f*cking dare leave me.”

“How the hell do you know me so well?”
“I stalk you on Instagram.”

“This side of Aiden is my addiction and my damnation. I love his intensity and his madness. I’m in love with his dark mind and twisted soul.”

“The more she holds on to me like I’m her anchor, the harder I fall into her warmth. Being with Elsa is exactly like it was ten years ago. She always brought peace to my chaotic head. The only difference is that I became more perverse about her company. Kissing and hugging aren’t enough anymore. Now, she’s mine, body, heart and soul.”

“First, she engraved herself under my skin, then in my brain and then into my heart. She made a cosy place for herself in there. Now, that damn thing only beats for her.”

“I’m keeping my promise, too.”
“You’re not the one proposing, I am.”
“I’m going to f*cking marry you, Elsa. You’ll be my wife. My family. My f*cking home.”
“You’ll be my home, too, Aiden. Always.”

“He’s become such a constant I can’t breathe without anymore. Forget love and adoration, Aiden is f*cking air to me. He’s everything I want in life and more.”

“What do you want most in the world, Aiden?”
“What else?”
“You healthy and happy and f*cking mine.”
“What else?”
“That’s all.”
“That’s all?”

“You’re the best gift I’ve ever been given, my queen.”
“And you’re mine, my king.”

Twisted Kingdom (Royal Elite, #3) (2024)
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